About Nexus Archive

This website was created to automatically collect and display various data from the world of Nexus Clash game.

Currently the only implemented feature is a "time machine" that presents various Leaderboards in their state at the end of Breath 3.5.

Contact information

My Nexus Clash account is Badziew, you can send me a private message or start a forum thread.

My Discord username is That Crazy Old Badziew#1362, you can find me on a few different Discord servers,
including my own personal server House of Badziew. Feel free to drop a message in one of these places.

Contributing data

This webpage is still just an early prototype and there is no official, user-friendly way to submit data.

If you really want to use the same experimental procedure that I used, please contact me for details.

Open source

Source code is primarily hosted on my private Git server, but for convenience and redundancy it is also mirrored to a few popular code hosting portals:

Bugs and patches

If you want to report a bug or submit a code patch, I would prefer if you used one of the above-mentioned code hosting portals, but you can also open a forum thread or send me a private message.